Psychedelic Rock, Grunge, Space Pop


Gini Jungi - Guitar

Vox Cyril Hegner - Guitar

Vox Michael Mutter - Bass,

Vox Dimos Georgokitsos/ Adrian Oesch - Drums


Annie Taylor is a four piece, female-fronted band from Zurich, Switzerland.


"Satan I want to marry you“- Girl grunge meets psychedelic rock with a touch of cheesy darkpop. Imagine „Annie Taylor“ as a rusty dog searching for his bone in the expanding universe. Pandora’s Box opened in 2016, when guitarists Cyril and Gini virtually met on a beach in the Maldives. If the 12-string lover is not trying to illuminate you about the magic of his shitty coin tricks, he’s tickling with his dexterity. Their vision of a grungy duo mutated when the psychological nerd Adrian hit his drums harder than he likes to get spanked. While these lost souls found themselves jamming in the living room, bassist Michael (the fallen Angel) found his way back from the underworld. There are still rumors circulating in specific spheres that the emancipated stuntwoman Annie Taylor gave her blessing to Michael and his followers.

Annie Taylor is a four piece, female-fronted band from Zurich, Switzerland. Since almost a year now, we played several shows in Switzerland and France. We were thrilled about supporting one of our favorite bands, L.A. WITCH (US), in autumn, which was a lot of fun.

All of us were influenced by different music genres, but somehow we found a common sound which we all can identify with.

Cyril (our lead guitarist) likes a lot of bands from the 70ies like the Doors, Sweet Smoke and Velvet Underground but he’s also really into psychedelic rock bands, such as Thee Oh Sees, Moon Duo or Black Angels. He’s also the one who recorded and mixed our tracks in our rehearsal room / recording studio.

Gini (leadsinger and guitarist) has pretty much the same taste in music as Cyril. Influenced by 90ies bands like Nirvana or The Cranberries she brings grunge-pop elements into the band’s style. But of course also current bands like Wolf Alice or Australian Courtney Barnett make her heart melt. Also, you can find a true Abba fan in our group: Michael doesn’t only listen to Möterhead- he also knows every Abba song by heart. Our drummer Adrian brought a lot of musical miscellaneous musical beats into our sound. As he always says: „In the first place I am a musician, not a drummer“. You see… there are a lot of different influences defining our sound. The new song „Teach me Rock ’n Roll“ is on our upcoming EP, which will be out this year. Our last single „Wasted Youth“ was a song about fighting for what you want and embracing yourself. „Teach me Rock ‘n Roll“ finds itself in a classic rock ’n’ roll genre, which you can dance to. The drums were this time played by our current drummer Dimos - roughly and energetically! It’s about the people you love and admire, the ones you won’t get tired of getting lectures from, 'cause you can learn a lot from them.

We try to write diverse songs, which differ from each other, while staying true to ourselves. This is als the reason why we haven’t dropped a LP yet. Since we want an interesting, colorful and sparkly album, we are not really in any rush to produce it. But who knows what this year will bring along! Until then, we are very excited to be on our first tour in Europe in March 2018!


Velvet Underground, The Doors, Wolf Alice, Hole, Courtney Barnett, Thee Oh Sees