Dani Felt - Pop, Soul & Electronic Music
Dani Felt - Pop, Soul & Electronic Music
Dani Felt - Pop, Soul & Electronic Music
Dani Felt - Pop, Soul & Electronic Music
Dani Felt - Pop, Soul & Electronic

Dani Felt


Pop, Soul & Electronic


Dani Felt - Singer, Songwriter & Artist Coach


Dani helps artists find their sound and coaches them to reach new levels of success


A real world modern renaissance woman, she does it all: singing, songwriting, helping others in a business savvy way. But all of that didn’t just fall in her lap, she worked for it. From her humble beginnings, singing lullabies and putting on “shows” at 5-years-old, in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia, the lights and music of Broadway set a fire of passion for music deep inside of her soul. At such a young age, she was not a happy child, but music, according to her, really saved her and helped get her through life.

Five years later, she decided to become serious about her dreams and began vocal lessons. She studied under several vocal coaches. From music camps like Performance Plus to writing on her own, she began to not only develop her dream, but develop her talents as well. Focusing in the areas of Folk, Pop, and Soul music, she focused on creating a unique style of harmonic power, like a combination of her main influences, Adele and Regina Spektor, all while staying true to her Broadway-influenced roots. Most of her fans describe her as Stevie Nicks meets Joni Mitchell, of course, with a dash of Adele.

It isn’t her style alone that makes her different from others. Her fans have claimed that her music really speaks to them and through them, and that it truly has a remarkable healing power in their lives. As music helped her as a child, so now she is helping others cope with the daily stresses of life with her recordings. She has released a three-track-ep, titled, “Emotional Release” which features Drowned in Heartache, Jail Time Duet, and Tear Drops of Rain. Her most popular track, Drowned in Heartache is about a high school love affair, ended in heartache. Dani claims that a broken heart is one of the best inspirations for songwriting. She released her music as part of a charity compilation album titled, In the Spotlight, which helped raise money for The Linda Creed Breast Cancer Foundation. Dani collaborated with others in the industry to find, and help record the talented artists featured on the album.

She’s a cowriter of a book, which acts as a guide for up and coming talent. It teaches those who need help finding themselves, and navigating through the music industry. She has also held several A&R positions and has helped develop numerous artists find their careers. Aside from her past releases, she’s currently working on completing her newest single Gone featuring with the talented composer and songwriter Zac Lavender with Bird Castle Music Group. Produced by Shayan Amiri and Zach Hughes. Dani’s a major force in the record industry for finding talent.She also recently launched an online artist development program called the Artist Plugin Program. This is a 4 powerful part program that focuses on mindset, online branding, networking and monetizing. She is super happy to partner with Panoptic Sounds. Check out the program now by clicking the banner on Panoptic Sounds here: https://www.panopticsounds.com/ This young, talented, and bright rising star will one day be a name to know in the music industry.


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Dani Felt - Pop, Soul & Electronic