Fun and Thrifty Hobbies for People of All Ages

By: Julie Morris

Life and Career Coach


Are you stuck in a rut? Adding a new activity can be just the ticket for refreshing your outlook on life. Here are some ideas for enriching hobbies you can learn online or with a group.

Music to Your Ears

Learning a musical instrument can broaden your horizons, and you don’t need to be in grade school to add it to your repertoire. In fact, adult music students have much to gain. You can lower your risk for depression and anxiety, improve your social life, and enhance your visual and verbal skills, all thanks to taking music lessons.

Be sure to select an instrument that reflects your personal style so you’re excited and stay engaged. If you want to try out a few before you buy, visit your local music shop. While there, be sure to ask about sales or used instruments available for purchase in order to keep the costs down once you’ve decided on the right instrument for you.

Next up: music lessons. Private instruction can get expensive, but there are budget-friendly options out there. For example, Money Crashers suggests bartering your own marketable talent in exchange for lessons, finding a local tutor, or connecting with instructors via the web. 

Work Out Your Angst

We all know working out is good for our bodies, but did you know there are other healthy benefits from adding a sport-oriented activity to your life? For example, Health Fitness Revolution explains that golf is a boon in several important ways, such as snagging some vitamin D from sunshine, strengthening your bladder, boosting coordination, and improving your outlook on life. Make lessons with a pro more affordable by taking them with a group or follow online tutorials from the comfort of home for free. If golf isn’t your thing, consider walking, tennis, or swimming for a healthy boost. If you need new sports equipment, keep costs down by purchasing at a sporting goods store like Dick's Sporting Goods, where you can find 1.5 percent cashback opportunities.

Get Crafty

Are you doing anything creative with your downtime? Engaging the artsy side of your brain offers many mental health benefits. You can relieve stress, clear your mind, and feel more relaxed. Follow videos on YouTube, take lessons with an online tutor, or participate in a local class. Gather your supplies from retailers like Hobby Lobby or JoAnn that have a great selection and discounts and coupons on everything from paints to fabrics.

Put on Your Dancing Shoes

Tired of sitting out wedding receptions? Or, maybe you’re ready to hit the dancefloor on Friday nights. No more being a wallflower with some dance lessons under your belt! HuffPost notes you can strengthen your bones, improve cardiovascular health and enjoy better weight control with your new moves. Learn by yourself, with a partner or take lessons as a group, face-to-face or via the web. Whether two-stepping, belly dancing, hip-hop, or ballroom suits your style, websites like Honey can connect you with coupon codes and other great resources. 

Pack Your Bags

How long since your last vacation? Taking a getaway now and then can be good for what ails you, refreshing your perspective and helping you to relax and regroup. Travel can promote self-discovery, improve your outlook, and help you to learn and grow. It’s an opportunity to explore other places, flavors, and cultures. Take tours with a handful of friends, connect with a bus group, or head out on your own. Part of the fun can be looking for the best deals to places you never visited before! You can search for coupon codes and deals for particular destinations or sign up for hot opportunities delivered to your inbox. 

Switch Up Your Downtime

Adding a new activity to your life can be invigorating. Whether you decide to play music, create art, play a sport, go dancing, or hit the road, changing up your routine can be fun. There are thrifty options galore to enrich and entertain, regardless of age or situation.