How To Grow Your SoundCloud Following With Free Resources


1. Be An Active User. It’s not enough to post tracks and hope followers will come - to grow an audience, it’s important to be an engaged member in the SoundCloud community.

Check out the music of producers and bands in similar genres and like tracks/leave comments. Much like social media, users are more likely to engage with and check out the music of fellow fans. Comments, reposts, and likes are easy (and free) ways to drum up exposure with artists to network with and potential fans.

SoundCloud is ultimately a social media platform, which makes it a great resource for networking. In addition to musicians, the site is also used by A&Rs, label representatives, music managers, venue owners, influencers, radio hosts, and podcast hosts - don’t be afraid to DM potential connections.

2. Send Your Music To Repost Channels. Depending on the size of the account, some repost channels are free, while others accept a small donation fee for reposting music. Here are 3 great resources for finding repost channels:

Nocturnal Sound Labs


All Free Repost

3. Tag Your Music. Much like Instagram, hashtags can greatly increase the discoverability of your content – but only if you use them correctly.

SoundCloud’s algorithm prioritizes recommendations for its users, so it’s important to tag relevant genres, sub-genres, and moods - but don’t go overboard. Quality > quantity.

4. Optimize Your Social Media. Get comfortable with promoting your music across multiple streams, and optimize the content you share for each platform.

- Twitter: Great for providing regular updates and teasers of new songs.

- YouTube: Although it’s not optimized for SoundCloud, the video sharing platform is still a great tool: cross-promote your music with YouTube teaser videos that link to your SoundCloud.

- Pinterest: While the image heavy service seems like an odd choice for musicians, the site has an embed feature that lets you include SoundCloud tracks in pins. It’s also a great tool to promote album artwork and lyrics.

- Facebook: With more than 1.7 billion active users each month, Facebook is going to be your largest promotional tool. Cultivate a fan page and diversify your activity – post status updates and behind the scenes photos, embed your SoundCloud links, and host live streams.

5. Target Niche Groups. Forums and smaller blogs are the unsung heroes of music promotion – they’re completely free, underutilized, and have the potential to expose your music to hundreds - if not thousands - of new followers.


We Chill You (EDM)

StereoFox (Electronic)

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching (Electronic/Indie)

Little Indie Blogs (Indie)

A Night in the 6ix (Hip Hop)


Dubstep Forum

Neurohop Forum

The Glitch Hop Forum

DNB Forum

House Music Forum

Future Music Forum


Future Producers