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Jocelyn Garrett - Songwriter 


Jocelyn Garrett is a singer, songwriter based out of Chicago. Her roots are originally from Medina, Ohio- a town outside of Cleveland. She recently just released several songs off her Album ''Gold,'' now available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Music, Amazon Music, and Shazam. Her latest song ''Squad Goals'' was released on iHeart Radio, along with a music video on Youtube. Next month, she will launch another music video for her song, ''Saving Grace''.  She is working on releasing several more songs to finish her album in the following months, along with music videos; which you can subscribe to find on YouTube.  


Jocelyn at the age of 6 started writing and performing songs she created. When she was younger, she started singing for schools, performing in plays, and eventually tried out for American Idol and The Voice. She spends most of her time in the studio, ramping up her brand, and social media, and finding inspiration in every day life- to create more lyrical tunes. She is just beginning her musical journey here in Chicago, and looking to make a positive impact on both young and older audiences. She has written several songs relating to struggles with depression/anxiety, along with bullying from her youth. She is looking to bring awareness and bring positivity from her learned experiences. Her latest releases has been pop genre, but in the upcoming months, she is looking to bare her soul and bring out her original roots of singing the blues. Watch out for this one!

YouTube: jocelynmgarrett

Instagram: jocelynmgarrett

Facebook: jocelynmariegarrett