SageMan - Hip Hop, Rock, Drum & Bass, Progressive Metal, LoFi
SageMan - Hip Hop, Rock, Drum & Bass, Progressive Metal, LoFi
SageMan - Hip Hop, Rock, Drum & Bass, Progressive Metal, LoFi
SageMan - Hip Hop, Rock, Drum & Bass, Progressive Metal, LoFi
SageMan - Hip Hop, Rock, Drum & Bass, Progressive Metal, LoFi
SageMan - Hip Hop, Rock, Drum & Bass, Progressive Metal, LoFi
SageMan - Hip Hop, Rock, Drum & Bass, Progressive Metal, LoFi
SageMan - Hip Hop, Rock, Drum & Bass, Progressive Metal, LoFi
SageMan - Hip Hop, Rock, Drum & Bass, Progressive Metal, LoFi



Maz-Hop (Hip-Hop – Rock – Drum & Bass – Progressive Metal – LoFi)


SageMan – Rapper

tk-fl0z – Alternate

Mukk – Alternate

ocho maZi – Producer ID



SageMan is a multi-faceted musician hailing from Jonesboro, GA who specializes in Hip-Hop.


Sound runs SageMan’s life.  He could already manifest and hear his own voice at 2 months.  To him, every noise deserves its own individual attention and emotional response, from a vocal inflection during conversation to the faint hum of a fluorescent light.  Silence becomes a series of scales itself ranging from slight to deafening.  All of these are frequencies to be manipulated, reconstructed and destroyed as necessary to produce the sonic aesthetic of choice.  Ears are capable of both seeing and hearing.

It’s obvious he’s obsessed; the result of a lifelong addiction to music and its nuances.  However, despite his involvement in music, SageMan never considered a career in the industry until his junior year in high school, when he was introduced to Guitar Hero III.  The addiction began; he would spend 7-10 hours a day playing the game religiously, aiming for perfect scores on Expert difficulty.  It spilled over into the other Guitar Hero games, and then the Rock Band games.

Scores got higher, and so did his ranking; but it wasn’t enough.  He began to research the bands behind the songs he was playing and watching them perform live.  It looked so fulfilling, but he was still only a listener as there was very little he could relate to personally concerning the players themselves.  This was until he was introduced to Thomas Erak, The Fall of Troy, and the genre of post-hardcore rock.  It was over.  He had to get a guitar so he could play like that.

SageMan would then spend the next 5 years playing guitar sometimes for over half of an entire day, attempting to play songs by bands such as Megadeth and Tera Melos right out of the gate.  Many nights were spent on YouTube watching lick tutorials and masterclasses; some of his results can still be found on his YouTube channel.  Totally self-taught, he was accepted into Clemson University’s Music minor program when he attended the school for a Computer Science degree.  SageMan played in the Clemson University Guitar Ensemble, and these videos can be found on YouTube as well.

Midway through this self-imposed sonic slavery, SageMan was introduced to Fruity Loops by fellow prodcer eF-One, then going by T-Mobil.  SageMan refused joining him in producing; he hadn’t listened to hip-hop in several years and was not about to start making any.  His mind changed one day when he was listening to “Supervillain Theme” by Madvillain and wishing it was longer and more elaborate.  After remixing it in a broken version of Logic he found on the Internet, he decided that eF-One’s offer was one he should consider.  Within the day he had a copy of the legendary DAW, and the rest is history.

Since his start in Fruity Loops, SageMan has produced and released over 350 songs across numerous websites such as HulkShare, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and SoundClick.  He is most known for his Odd Future instrumental remakes on his YouTube channel, made under the name Ocho Masimoto.  Other titles he has recorded or produced under include giZmo, Fuujiin, SyN.ThE.TiC, ocho maZi, and maZi.  He has also recorded under several alter egos, such as tK-fl0z, MuK, Shad.O, & Jambo (collectively known as The geLL Collective), and the werewolf Verdun.  Akin to the Wrap Types of Knxwledge, he has also done a couple of a capella remix projects under the guise of DJ LEGIONAIRE, who he also hosted a radio show as during his time at Clemson.   

As of today, SageMan resides in Atlanta, GA with his wife and son, and continues to produce, record, engineer, and fund his musical projects alone.  After receiving his Master’s degree in Music Technology from Georgia Southern University, he has begun to expand his industry footprint with visual projects and streaming releases.

His latest mixtape, “Wood Style,” can be found on his Bandcamp, and is an eclectic mixture of New Wave trap and Trip-Hop, the newest incarnation of his self-proclaimed genre, “maZ-hop.”  SageMan can also be found on major streaming platforms such as Apple Music and Tidal, where he has released a plethora of singles and continues to do so.  The most recent of his singles, “Sunny,” can be found on his YouTube channel.  

Continue to look out for SageMan’s releases as he ventures spirals further out of control over the walls containing his expression.  Projects with widely known names are on the horizon, and his catalogue is one of historical importance.


Jet Set Radio Future, Tekken, Street Fighter, MF DOOM, Madlib/Quasimoto, The Lootpack, Company Flow, Nas, Famous Dex, Chief Keef, DJ Premier, The Alchemist, Das EFX, The LOX, Wu-Tang Clan, The Fall Of Troy, Hi-Tek, The Arusha Accord, Dillinger Esacpe Plan, Mastodon, Tera Melos, Mission of Burma, Protest The Hero, Periphery, Between the Buried and Me, As I Lay Dying, Megadeth, Prototype, Cynic, The Mars Volta








The Glowing Man


Newest Single - Master Race