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The Moose




Matt Bellock - Guitar, Vocals

Mitch Bellock - Bass, Vocals

Dave Catanese - Drums


 Two brothers and a life long family friend creating music they love. 


Molded by Chicago's thriving local music scene, and formed in the the city's western suburbs in 2012, The Moose is comprised of brothers Mitch (bass) and Matt (lead vocals/guitar) Bellock, and childhood pal Dave Catanese (drums). With heavy influences from bands like Manchester Orchestra, Brand New, Every Time I Die, and Pearl Jam, the group's cathartic ballads present a constant lyrical clash between fiction and non fiction, driven by heavy handed, powerful chords laced with subtle complexities, and underscored with smooth but intricate bass parts that tend to take the place of lead guitar. The trio released their latest EP, "No Wick," in February 2017. No Wick is the sister EP to its predecessor,  "All Wax" (June 2016). After a recent recording session at noteworthy Panda Studios in California, The Moose has an LP in their back pocket, with plans to release new music by fall 2017.


Manchester Orchestra, Brand New, Pearl Jam, Everytime I die




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