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Tony Range


Tropical Pop


Tony Range -  Producer/Artist


Tony Range is a Producer/Artist based out of Toronto who recently started releasing his own music.


Tony Range; Producer, Writer, Artist - in that order! This Canadian-born heavy-hitter is the complete package; making waves big enough to reach beyond the Northern borders.

A self-taught musician, Range undoubtedly makes something out of nothing. By ear, he molded an interest for piano and drums into skill. Now, this artist ingeniously combines influences from pop, to urban, to soft rock, to an outcome of pure magic. His Jamaican roots and exposure to a culturally diverse upbringing provided him the opportunity to produce bodies of work that can be appreciated by lovers of any genre.

Having produced for artists in Europe and North America, Tony Range has been working diligently on his own releases. His most recent singles vary in style from up-tempo mélanges of afro-beats, dancehall, pop, EDM and otherwise, also with sounds more slowed like trap, and R&B. He even gifts his listeners with some acoustic-vibe tunes, introducing them to his softer side. One can expect nothing but greatness from this creative as he continues to put out his own records and showcase his multifarious talent.

Tony Range promises to be the blowtorch that keeps on giving fire, a force that will always stay moving; a flame that will always stay lit.


Timbaland, Pharell, Quincy Jones, DeVante Swing, Darkchild, Calvin Harris, Dr. Dre, Jim Jonsin, Rick Rubin





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